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At Del Oro Music we are happy to support the efforts  of talented artists and songwriters of all styles. We are interested in publishing great music in every genre.  If your project is a record album, single, remix, soundtrack,  or even a song demo, we are anxious to help accomodate your needs. We can help get you recorded, arranged, produced, remixed, published, promoted, placed and even produced for live performances. If you believe you have the talent and ambition to make it all happen, you owe it to yourself to contact us at Del Oro Music so we can be part of YOUR vision and help you get to the finish line where you belong.
At Del Oro Music Studios we can work in virtually any recording format. Our most common  formats are Protools and Digital Performer, although we often start from outside formats such as ADAT and DA-88 digitals and 2" analog tape. We can accomodate all formats and are able to convert and proceed and even update your sessions and get you into state of the art recording in the 2003 arenas. Talk to a rep from the studio and let us show you how we can get you going so you can get on the charts with your own state of the art recordings at Del Oro Music Studios. All at a price you can afford, and with some of the best professionals you'll ever find in the entertainment industry!
Neumann   AKG   RCA   Audio Technica  Sennheiser   BeyerDynamic    EV    Telefunken  
Marshall  Shure   (Tubes    Ribbons   Condensors    Dynamics)  
ProTools     Digital Performer    Reason     Antares     Logic     Final Cut Pro
Yamaha O2R   Yamaha O3D   NEVE   FOCUSRITE   AKAI   MPC 60 II   AKAI Samplers  Korg Trinity
Keyboards &  Modules   UREI  LA 4   LA2   DBX 165    DBX  166    DBX 160    DRAWMER  gates   
LEXICON reverbs LEXICON delays   ALESIS Quadraverbs  Midiverbs    ALESIS MASTERLINK  
Event 20/20 Yamaha NS 10  YAMAHA  NS 20   MOTU 2408   DigiDesign 888   Ramsa   Panasonic
Mic Pre-amp:             
Neve    Avalon   TL Audio   Focusrite  Bellari
Monitors & computers:
Apple G4s   Powerbooks     Windows PCs    Phillips Flat Widescreen
Studio A - Main mixing room with floated recording booth
Studio B - Pre-production and overdub room
Studio C - Video and Audio editing room
Full size kitchen and internet lab
Copyright MMVI Del Oro Music. All Rights Reserved.